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I have always enjoyed watching The Waltons and decided to create a Waltons site after completing a unit, as part of my Teacher Librarian course, on creating a web page. That was back in November of 1996. I have the honour of being the very first Waltons website on the internet! The reason for my doing the page was mainly because there was no Waltons presence at the time and I thought there should be.

My site was quickly followed by the official Waltons site. Ralph, the creator of that site, and I had been working on such similar projects at the same time but on opposite sides of the world. Amazing. Many more sites have followed and the show is loved by people from all over the world, as my site statistics can testify.

This Waltons Blog came about after another Teacher Librarian course which I took part in during 2008. This one investigated Web 2.0 tools and I decided that it was about time that my involvement with The Waltons incorporated Web 2.0 technology.

My sites have connected me with people from all over the world, many of whom I now count as close friends. I have had the pleasure of meeting Earl Hamner, creator of The Waltons, and John McGreevey, writer of so many wonderful Waltons scripts, as well as many of the cast members. My family has visited the Waltons Mountain Museum, where we were simply treated like royalty! For an unknown girl from Melbourne,  the internet has allowed me some wonderful and fulfilling experiences.

NOTE: Some people have asked me about the banner on this blog. The photo of the Walton house was taken by me during a visit to the Warner Bros studio in 2007. My family was part of a group visting there as the guests of Earl Hamner. The house was rebuilt after the original set was burnt, and it has been most recently been used as the Dragonfly Inn on The Gilmore Girls. And yes, it does look slightly different to the original set we see in The Waltons.


  1. I Love the waltons i watch hem all the time

  2. in the part of the trivia quiz they have a question about what the walton kids did for a occupation after they graduating Erin’s is wrong because she work as a waitress for one night please let me know if i’m right?

    • I all-so Love the Waltons.But right now,they are not on T.V. WHy I do not know.

  3. I love the waltons all the time .I have the dvd. I am waiting on season 8

  4. I just love the Waltons, I love to have all the Seasons.I watch them every time I get.I’m trying to get all…

  5. I love the Waltons, I wish family’s today were as close as they were. I have bought all the seasons so far and watch them all the time!

  6. love the show

  7. we really love the show ,is the walton home truely excest.


  9. I have heard the Waltons will be leaving the air,I see them on channel 176 on the Hallmark channel, Is this true? I hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sadly Jean I don’t know. I have heard this but since I don’t live in the US I don’t know the television schedules.

  10. The Waltons truely are a timeless family. Forever they will have a place in my heart. I have grown to love each and every family member. I pretend that I am one of the Walton clan. It is a wonderful show. It has changed my life.

  11. i love love love that show my daurgthy called it dodo becuse the theme song

  12. I love the Waltons and have all the episodes which
    I have watched twice already.
    I wonder if we can buy episodes of The Walton
    Specials -John-Boy’s and Erin’s wedding??
    I hope so as I am looking forward to watching them.
    Unfortunately,we do not have the Waltons aired on
    our Adelaide ,South Australian network!

  13. Will there be a 10th season or any special episodes to come out? What a show and we didn’t even know how lucky we were watching good TV as this. Would love to see the orginal and new members of the cast on a talk show.

  14. hi i am also a great fan of the waltons i miss watcihing them so much ,i feel very much a part of the walton family.my favorite televion program of the 70s was the waltons ,then i was a young teenager ,got married had four gourges,wondreful children.as of this day the waltons still is my favorite tv program. i always wanted to meet the cast of the show ,i never knew my grand parents on either sides of my family . i adopted will geer and ellen corby as my grand parents.i want so much to meet the whole cast and to play a part in a coming episode ,can you you make a dream come true ? God bless you stay gold love Elise.

  15. My family and I want to visit Schuyler, Va. someday and take a tour of the museum. I understand that Kami Cotler is married and teaching not too far from Schuyler. I would love to vist and meet her! I am such a huge fan of the show, and it will be a dream come true to be able to drive there and visit. I wish the cast would have a reunion open to the public so we could meet all of them! Wouldn’t that be awesome!

  16. i too love the waltons, it is still my favorite show. we have all the seasons on dvd. i’ve been watching them from day one. by
    march 20 2010 3:20 am

  17. Hi Karen!

    You’ve got a great blog here and that header photo is definitely eye catching! What a great shot!

    We’re very excited to announce that The Waltons is coming to gmc! We’re an uplifting entertainment network and would love to work with you on sharing our episode guide and upcoming schedule for airings! Please contact me and we can speak further!

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back!


  18. Do you happen to know the name of the two female actors who play the young Baldwin Sisters in flashback during “The Inspiration” episode (#194) from Season 8? This is the episode where one of the Baldwin SIsters is afraid to have cataract surgery. One of the young actors playing the sisters in flashback looks like Shelley Long, but the roles appear to be uncredited.

    • Hi Kurt. An interesting question and one that I don’t know the answer to. I’ll put the query out there and somebody might know.

  19. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, reverant viewing………
    so tired of todays mean spiritness……….
    My major viewing these days Waltons……..house on the prairie…….no nudity, now vulgarity, and no hate spewing…..

  20. I love watching the Waltons. Right at this moment I am watching A Walton Thanksgiving Renunion from the Waltons Movie Collection!

    One thing that bothers me though and I don’t know if it bothers anyone else is that the timeline seems a bit ‘off’ in the movie collection when you think of it in relation to the TV series and the fact that John Boy was born before the end of the First World War!

    Does anyone know the dates of birth of all the Walton Family – Children and adults included?

  21. yes i found the timeline in the movies a little strange but is suppose they wanted to use major historical events like the moon landing.John and Olivia’s 40 year wedding anniversary in Walton Easter did highlight it married in 1929 instead of 1919.

  22. I just today discovered your blog and thank you for all the interesting information you have collected. I’m going to my first ever fan event..the Waltons fan club 40th reunion this month and just thrilled. I have loved the show since I was in high school and figured if I was ever going to go this would be the year. I just need to get out my DVD’s now and brush up a bit before the event! Good stories never go out of fashion in my opinion. Waving at you from Arizona, USA!

    • Make sure you look out for me at the reunion. We’re heading off to LA on Saturday morning which gives us a week to get over our jetlag! Looking forward to seeing everyone, and making new Waltons friends. Karen

  23. Hi I live in Ireland and am a big Waltons fan too. I grew up watching the waltons and still enjoy watching the repeats on tv. I may be in my fifties now but I still enjoy them.

  24. I have been a fan since the very beginning, especially of John-Boy. When I learned his wife was from Ft.Worth, TX, I was thrilled because that was my hometown. I was a newly-married when the show began and always wanted my family to be another Walton family. Sadly, it was not but they remain my ideal. Here I am, almost 70, and still get to watch re-runs every day. I feel blessed that this family was a part of my life. Kudos to all its actors.
    I would love to see Richard Thomas in person. In what is he starring at present?

    • Jackie I love Richard Thomas in anything he does! He did a guest role in Law and Order SVU earlier this year but I’m not sure what he’s currently doing.

  25. A great feelgood programme

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