Posted by: KazK | August 9, 2015

Will Geer Humanitarian Award

This is the first post I’ve written on my neglected blog for a while but I did want to share this news with my readers. This weekend there is a very special Waltons event taking place in Los Angeles. The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum are hosting A Waltons Weekend and as part of that the inaugural Will Geer Humanitarian Award is being awarded, by the Geer family, to Earl Hamner.

It’s a huge honour for Earl and one I feel is well deserved.

Earl has given so many people, from all around the world, much joy, hope and happiness through his series The Waltons. The show lasted for 9 seasons on television and has lived in our hearts through reruns and finally the release of all the seasons on DVD. There were three Waltons fan clubs in the early days and Earl gave his support to them all. He has been incredibly gracious with his fans over the years, including myself, who was absolutely thrilled in 1997, when I received an email from him giving his blessing for the Waltons fan site I had developed from far away Australia.

The stories Earl shared on The Waltons touched our hearts. For some, the Waltons family became the family they wished they had, and perhaps they modelled their own future lives on them. Being multi generational there was a character there for everyone to identify with. As we fans got older we learnt how to support our siblings, how to parent our children and the importance of grandparents in our own lives and the lives of our children. We were taught respect for others and to respect, tolerate and value differences.

At fan club reunions, Earl gives his time, tells his stories and listens to fans sharing their own experiences with The Waltons. To give of himself in this way is his gift to us. And Earl, please know that we treasure all those gifts you give and we will continue to share them with each other and will hold those memories within our hearts.

Yes, this award is well deserved and we are thrilled that you are so honoured Earl.

Earl Hamner accepting his award.

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