Posted by: KazK | January 26, 2014

Ellen Corby sighting

We Waltons fans love to spot our favourite actors in other roles. Many of the actors have appeared on a multitude of television shows and it’s always fun to find them, either before or after their time on The Waltons. Here’s an early photo of Ellen Corby in a guest role on Adam-12. This episode was in 1969 and I thank Waltons Digest member, Ralph, for sharing it with us. She really looks quite different here but I’m sure you can tell who she is by her distinctive voice!

Ellen C.Adam12


  1. I love your blog! It is so interesting to see how The Waltons has remained so popular after all these years. My six-year-old granddaughter loves the show! I have always been interested in what they are eating during the show. Just for fun, I have started a website where I am posting recipes for food seen in each episode. I just started the website last month and I am working on
    Season One. Just a fun hobby! The web site address is: Or, just search for Supper at the Waltons.

  2. You can see Ellen Corby on four episodes of LASSIE, the earliest being from 1960: “Cracker Jack.” She appears as the same character in “Yochim’s Christmas,” and as a horse trainer in “Little Jim,” and in another episode with a kitten, but I don’t remember the title.

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