Posted by: KazK | February 24, 2013

Waltons Game Instructions

After my last post about The Waltons game, I had two very dear Waltons friends come to my rescue.

Carolyn rang me the following morning to tell me that the instructions were found on the inside of the box lid. I have two games and I found that one of them did, in fact, have the instructions there. I hadn’t noticed them there before. We also chatted about when the game may have been manufactured and decided that the photographs used in the game were probably from the first of second seasons. I’d love to know which episodes they were taken from and will investigate that further. When I read the instructions on the inside of the lid, I also discovered a copyright date…1974.

I’m still very surprised that there is no image of Jim Bob in the scene cards, although he does appear on the box.

Etta also checked her box and found the instructions on the lid. She photographed them and here they are for you below. Hopefully you will be able to enlarge the photo and make out the writing.

Both ladies mentioned that they have played the Waltons game with their grandchildren and all have enjoyed it. I think we forget what fun we used to have sitting down and playing cards and board games with our families. I remember playing board games with my older brother and father. We went camping a great deal and holidays were a wonderful time to play games and cards. Both Dad and my older brother were very competitive and took great pleasure in beating me in all manner of games. We played Rummy as one of our card games and we could always tell when my brother was about to go out because he would get this big grin on his face. Naturally you would then try to get rid of anything you could from your hand so you weren’t accumulating a huge score! They were fun times. Later I learnt to play Cribbage with Dad and we would often play when I visited. He was still very competitive right up until he died and would just love it if I missed scoring something from my hand and he could yell “Muggins” and take those points for himself.

I never really took to Checkers but I think the Walton children played Checkers at some point. I’m not sure what other games were played and perhaps that’s something that could be explored in another post.

I think children gain so much from playing board games with family members but it doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. Perhaps this post will inspire some people to find their Waltons game, or some other board games they have around the place but never use, and introduce them to their children.

So thank you to my wonderful Waltons friends, Carolyn and Etta, for helping me out, and to the rest of you out there…have fun playing!

Game instructions


  1. Thanks for the info and the memories. Always enjoy posts here. Have a blessed day.

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