Posted by: KazK | January 31, 2013

The Waltons Game

I recently came across some of my Waltons memorabilia, including The Waltons game. I wonder how many people have played it?

What has always confused me is that the set doesn’t come with instructions so it seems to be left up to the players to decide their own rules!

I thought I’d post the board game and some of the cards here to give you an idea of it and maybe we can work out rules together.

Here’s the main board.

IMG_0945 - Version 2

As you can see the board has four scenes on it. There are actually enough cards for eight scenes, so I’m guessing these would all get shuffled and each player would choose the one they would then compile.

Each scene has a Waltons Game place card and again I’m guessing that the scene you have to put together goes there. As I said there are eight scenes. Each scene has then been enlarged and is cut into four pieces, which need to be played in the spaces underneath the scene card.

Here are the different place card scenes:









Here’s one of the scenes made up of the correct “jigsaw” pieces to create the scene. You can clearly see that there are four cards making the scene and the scene is of place card number six.


Finally there are two Wild Cards which have John Boy on them. If you get this card then you can put it into your scene as the last piece to win. Here’s the John Boy card:


And there you have all the pieces of the game.

One thing I did find mystifying is that all of the main family members appear at least once in the card scenes with the exception of Jim Bob. I wonder why he wasn’t included. John Boy doesn’t have a scene either but at least he is on the special cards!

The scenes seem to be from Season 1. I think that scene 2, with the girls and another lady, may be from The Carnival but I could be wrong and would be interested to see if we can place the scenes from other episodes.

This type of merchandise based around television shows seemed to be very popular in the 60’s and 70’s. The Waltons had books, the typical lunch box and thermos, dolls and other play things based upon it. They’re fun to look back on fondly and to collect if you’re lucky enough to find them. I’ll share some of my other memorabilia in another post.

In the meantime if you have any suggestions on how to play the game, I’d love to know.



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