Posted by: KazK | December 23, 2012

The Christmas Box

Whilst not a Waltons Christmas telemovie, I’m including it in my list of Christmas specials because it is a favourite with Waltons fans. It stars Richard Thomas too which makes it another good reason to be added in the blog.

Here is the Christmas Box that actually opens and closes the film.


The film opens with Richard Thomas’ character, Richard, working very hard in his ski shop. In fact Richard is working so hard at establishing his business that he really doesn’t have a great deal of time for his wife and daughter, Jenna. His wife really wants to live in a larger house and so they go for an interview for a job where they would become live in companions to an elderly lady, Mary. She doesn’t really seem to like Richard all that much but she grows to love his wife and child. Mary tries very hard to instil in Richard just how precious his family should be to him. Through Richard’s dreams and some snooping on his part we learn that Mary had lost a child, Andrea, at the age of 5. The age his small daughter is now.

Mary continues to be a bit prickly towards Richard, often asking him questions she clearly wants him to think about and come to realise the correct answer. “What was the first gift of Christmas?” is one that really stumps him.

He does finally come to grasp the answer (which I won’t tell you here!) and then his thinking about his future undergoes a change.

It really is a beautiful film and along with The Homecoming, it is one that is a Christmas ritual with many Waltons fans.

Here’s a screen grab of Richard with his young daughter, Jenna, played beautifully by Kelsey Mulrooney. The lovely Maureen O’Hara plays the no nonsense Mary and Annette O’Toole plays his wife, Keri.


And here’s one of the final scenes with the family bundled up around their beautiful Christmas tree.



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