Posted by: KazK | August 1, 2012

Special Waltons Events

This September we celebrate 40 years since the first Waltons episodes appeared on television. I think it’s a wonderful milestone for the show, and one we really should celebrate.

Leading up to this special anniversary, our Waltons Digest members will be having a look at the first season of The Waltons.

You might want to comment here about your favourite season 1 episodes, the characters who were introduced during Season 1and perhaps some of the themes that were introduced. If you are not a member of the Waltons Digest pop on over the my main Waltons site and send me an email.

Have a read of Earl Hamner’s latest blog post. It’s interesting to read how the show was perceived by critics in those early days. You might also want to pop over to my Waltons site, and have a look at some Waltons reviews by Variety. You’ll find them in the Waltons Articles link.

No matter what the critics thought of the show it won many awards that first season. It became the Outstanding Continuing Drama Series and the Outstanding New Series in the Emmys. Richard Thomas, Michael Learned and Ellen Corby all won Emmys in their categories and Will Geer was nominated. Single episodes were honoured with various awards. The Scholar, The Love Story, the Actress, The Literary Man and the Dust Bowl Cousins. Golden Globe awards were won. The list went on and on. The show went on to be well represented amongst the awards for many seasons. Earl Hamner’s show certainly rewarded the faith shown by the network which aired it.

Earl also mentions the Waltons reunion, being held in Los Angeles this year. Rod and I will be attending and I hope to meet up with some of our Digest members. Please make yourself known to me, as I only know some people by their email address and first name! You’ll be able to identify me. I’ll be the one with very strange accent! This one is being hosted by Carolyn, the president of the Waltons International Fan Club. Earl lists Carolyn’s email address in his blog post. Apparently the dinner is now fully booked but there may be a wait list if you are interested.

The other special event in Los Angeles is the following night. A special fund raiser is being hosted by Ray and is raising money for Kami Cotler’s school. Kami runs an Environmental Charter School and proceeds will go there. I think it’s a wonderful idea. The slogan is “Celebrating Family and Education” and those two things I wholeheartedly support. I’ve had a look at the website of Kami’s school and there seems to be some very interesting, innovative things happening there. It’s quite different to anything we have out here in Australia. I wonder if I could visit whilst I’m over there? Anyway, I am looking forward to attending this as well. Here’s Kami’s commercial for this special night.

Guests have been continually added and you’ll find the latest updated guest list at the official 40th site.

You will find further information on both of these events in Earl’s blog post. Please support it if you can. Our future is with the children we are educating today.



  1. Dear Karen,

    you won´t be the only one with a strange accent 🙂 . I made my reservation for the reunion dinner and for Ray´s event the next day and I look forward to meet you finally in person :).

    Greetings from Germany,

    • Looking forward to meeting you Dagmar. It will be a fun weekend.

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