Posted by: KazK | December 14, 2011

The Homecoming – 40 Years Old

Just recently a special reunion was held at at the Loew’s Jersey Theatre in New Jersey. Christmas Eve this year will mark the 40th anniversary of the first screening of The Homecoming, and the recent reunion was to celebrate this milestone. Many of the original cast of The Homecoming, and others from The Waltons series, gathered together to watch the screening of The Homecoming, with fans, at the theatre. Present were Richard Thomas, Mary McDonough, Judy Norton, Kami Cotler, Jon Walmsley, Eric Scott, David Harper and David Huddleston, all of whom appeared in The Homecoming. Also present were Michael Learned, Lynn Hamilton, Leslie Winston, Hal Williams, Ellen Geer and Radames Pera, who appeared in the series of The Waltons. Following the screening there was a question and answer panel discussion with these cast members.

You can can read about the reunion at in this article, and have a look at a gallery of photos from the evening here. One of the photos from the gallery is the one below, taken by Richard J McCormack, for The Jersey Journal.

You’ll find another article, complete with photos, here.

Finally, the cast did a special interview on the Today Show on Friday December 2nd, in the morning. The video of it can be seen here.

And hot off the press, here’s another link telling us more about this special event! Have a look here.



  1. I love that there is a video of the event. I will watch it later when I can really enjoy it. I love my Waltons and wish they were on the air now, at least I wouldn’t be embarrassed by the language. I watch reruns of the reruns and miss the show even more. Thank you for this update. I miss the show being on the air current. Thanks again for all the joy you have brought through the years.

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