Posted by: KazK | September 12, 2011

The Zebulon Marathon

Inspiration have come up with another fantastic Waltons marathon. This one’s called the “Zebulon Marathon” honouring that wonderful patriarch of The Walton family, Zebulon Walton. You can catch this special event on Saturday September 24, starting at 7pm ET.

Fantastic Zebulon episodes include:
The Statue
The Intruders
The Conflict (a 2 part episode)
The Separation
The Last Mustang
The Birthday

What a fantastic Grandpa lineup. I think the pick of these special episodes for me would be The Conflict and The Intruders.

I love The Conflict. It was the opening episode for season 3 and is the one where we first met the wonderful Martha Corinne Walton, played so beautifully by Beulah Bondi. Martha Corinne’s home is going to be torn down to make way for the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Government insists that they move, but she is steadfastly refusing. The Walton family come to assist her and try to stop the construction from going ahead. I was having a look in Goodnight John Boy, written by Ralph Giffin and Earl Hamner, and there was a piece by the writer, Jeb Rosebrook, explaining the background for this story. He says that he was once told of a story of a family who were in fact forcefully evicted from their home when the Skyline Drive was being built. He wrote the wonderful part of Martha Corinne, and apparently Earl Hamner’s mother offered further research which was built into the writing of the script. No wonder it is such a wonderful episode. This episode has since been crafted into a stage play and has been performed in Virginia. I think it’s a wonderful testament to a brilliant episode.

The second episode on this list that I love is The Intruders, the first prime-time dramatic television script, written by Seth Freeman. He comments that he had always been attracted to the character of Grandpa Walton and he writes Grandpa as a bit of a trickster in this episode, as he sets out to outsmart one of the new lumber companies. Along the way he teaches them all a thing or two. It’s a great, fun episode, and I always enjoy Grandpa’s respect for the land he lives on.

I hope you get to visit with Grandpa and the rest of The Waltons in this special marathon. Good news from Inspiration too, with them saying that the network is back on the DISH network.

Visit the INSP site for more information.


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