Posted by: KazK | September 12, 2011

Richard Skipper presents…

I had a little time to browse the Internet today and came across a blog that I enjoyed reading very much. Richard Skipper has a blog and one of his posts takes readers back to 1971.

Although I grew up on the other side of the world to Richard, and was just a little older, much of what he writes about is very familiar to me. A picture of Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble is there. The Flintstones was always a favourite in our house, with the whole family gathering around the television to watch it. He writes about the marches which protested about the Vietnam War. We had many of these too, here in Australia. Richard writes that this was the year cigarette advertising was banned from radio and television in the USA. I’m not too sure when Australia banned such advertising but I do remember the debates surrounding it. And he mentions gathering together with family to watch the first screening of The Homecoming.

How wonderful that he was able to share such a fabulous Christmas special with his extended family. He comments that he was later to meet the great Patricia Neal and tell her that he loved her portrayal of Olivia Walton in The Homecoming. How lucky he was to meet her. I wonder if she knew how very special the show was to so many of us? I’m guessing that she probably did. I know that Earl Hamner and many of The Waltons cast know the very special place the show has in the lives of its fans.

Anyway, the reason I tell you all of this is because Richard has a fantastic post on his blog about The Waltons. He’s advertising Mary McDonough’s book signing which happened recently in New York. Mary was at Barnes and Noble with Richard Thomas, promoting her book “Lessons From the Mountain: What I Learned From Erin Walton“. Head on over to his blog. There are lots of Waltons related photos and video clips there, including a great video clip of Mary McDonough being interviewed on Connie Martinson Talks Books.

I wonder if Richard managed to get to the book signing. I hope so. I’m sure he would have enjoyed it.

So thank you for your trip down memory lane Richard. I enjoyed it very much and thanks so much for sharing. You can find Richard Skipper Presents… here.



  1. watching the waltons on fox was making my day. since it was stopped a couple of months back, Im feeling out of sorts. I wish there was a local waltons club so I could get involved..

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