Posted by: KazK | July 17, 2011

Judy Norton

I have been very interested in Judy Norton’s career after The Waltons.  She has done a lot of stage work, especially in musical theatre, something which I absolutely adore.

Looking at her site this morning I discovered that she is about to return to the stage shortly in both Hello Dolly and Annie Get Your Gun. In fact her site says that she will be directing both. I’m thrilled for her and would dearly love to see the shows, but it’s a tad too far to visit from Australia, so I’ll just have to see what I can find on the Internet about the shows.  I’ll post reviews if I find them.

If you are interested in seeing one or both shows, and both are fabulous pieces, very classic music theatre with some wonderful songs, then head on over to Judy’s website at these links, and then follow the links there to the theatre for your bookings. You’ll find Judy’s photo, all resplendent in her Hello Dolly gear at and the piece about her directing at .

If you happen to go to the shows, make sure you stop by here to share your comments.



  1. The best episode of the waltons when curt and mary ellen got married and I really loved when they did things together like husband and a wife I sometimes I wish that the both of them were my parents

  2. Hi Judy Norton Taylor this is freddie miller I want to tell you that I was six years old when the waltons got started in 1972 and I grew up a long with the waltons children through the years and I still am watching the waltons on tv and dvd’s

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