Posted by: KazK | March 20, 2011

Mary’s Book – Coming Soon

Lessons From the Mountain by Mary McDonough, Erin Walton on The Waltons, will be released on March 29.  Mary has been very busy doing lots of interviews and organising many book signings.  To help you keep up with her busy schedule, and to find a place where she will be visiting near you, I would suggest that you have a look at her Facebook Fan page from time to time, or follow her on Twitter.  Her user name is Mary_Mcdonough.  Mary’s co-author, Beverly Nault, is also on Twitter and you can follow her at bevnault.

Both Mary and Judy Norton, Mary Ellen Walton, will be at a Collector’s Fair in Chicago next weekend, March 26 and 27. Mary will have copies of her book and Judy will have copies of her CD. Judy is a very experienced music theatre performer and you can hear a sampling of her songs at her website. You can also find out more about the Collector’s Fair at their website.

Mary has recently done an interview with Ron Insana and this interview can be downloaded here.  Mary says to wait for the interview to download properly and she is about 42 minutes in. Thanks to Mary for the alert on this one.

Finally another interview with Mary has been arranged with David’s Book Talk. David has arranged this interview for April 12, and says that it will be available online soon after. Thanks David.

You can have a sneak peak at Mary’s book by going online to Amazon. I’ve had a read through and it sounds like it will be a great read. Full of lots of things Waltons fans always wanted to know, plus lots more. I’ve already ordered my Kindle version, which is great since I’m in Australia. It will be delievered to me as soon as it becomes available. I will still get a hard copy though and hope to have it signed by both Mary and Bev.

So there we are.  A lot for us fans to look forward to in the near future.



  1. I will be 66 come August and I absolutely love “The Waltons”. It is now on Hallmark 3 hours a day. I tape every episode and watch it in the evening. Life back then looked hard but they had something we don’t have today. A value of life and family that is missing from our homes today. I am thankful that we still have these episodes to watch. Thanks to all who made this show possible. Wish there was more shows on TV like the Waltons. Blessings

    • Thanks for popping by Alice. You’re lucky to have The Waltons back on Hallmark. It’s a tribute to such a quality show that people are still watching and enjoying it some 40 years on. I agree with you…I wish there were more shows like it on TV.

  2. Would apprec if u could keep in touch about events, signings steed, reunions, etc as I seem to only find out afterwards. Would really apprec!!

    • Hi Steve. I’d suggest that you keep in touch by either joining the Waltons Digest (send me an email at or by subscribing to this blog. Hope that helps, Karen

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