Posted by: KazK | February 6, 2011

Tailgate Party on Inspiration

This Sunday, February 6th, there will be a “Tailgate Party” on the Inspiration Network.  The party begins at 1 pm and runs with the following Waltons schedule:

Sunday @ 1pm EST – The Waltons (The Hunt)

Sunday @ 2pm EST – A Waltons Family Reunion Part 1

Sunday @ 2.30pm EST – A Waltons Family Reunion Part 2

Sunday @ 3pm EST – The Waltons (The Conflict)

What a fantastic lineup!

The Hunt is one of the earliest Season 1 episodes. Although it didn’t air first it was the first one to be filmed and it is interesting to watch from that point of view. Have a look at how the family is introduced.

The two part Waltons Family Reunion is a repeat of those shown in October, and were filmed by the Inspiration Network as their introduction to the series. Find out what the actors have been up to since and hear them reminisce about their time with the show.

Finally The Conflict is the 2 part opener for Season 3 and is a very powerful episode. Beulah Bondi is introduced as Martha Corinne Walton and is fantastic. I love the writing on this episode and it has since been occasionally produced as a play.  How I would love to see it on stage.



  1. Please continue to show the Waltons series on TV because the family life they live reminds me of my Life. I love it so much that I found out that most rest homes and childern hospital play the TV series for everyone to watch and the show gives all these folks so much pleasure because it helps them forget their pains. Thank you for being the Waltons I pray your lives are Blessed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary Lou

    • Thanks for dropping by Mary Lou. Glad you enjoy watching The Waltons.

  2. i miss it so much i haven’t seen to shows after the season 9. I want to see it but i don’t know where to see it and how. can you email me the info plse!

  3. i wish presently today life is like in the waltons. i love grandpa. he was my favorite actor, i miss him. When i hear he died i cried, i miss him so much. when i would watch him, he always put a smile on my face and a sweet cherry feeling in my heart. he put a smile when am down. i wanted so much to just be in the show when it was on. i miss you guys a hold lot. loves and kisses.

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