Posted by: KazK | January 14, 2011

Sound of Music and The Waltons?

No doubt, looking at the title of this post, you are wondering why on earth I am writing a post on The Sound of Music and The Waltons, and how are they possibly connected!  Believe it or not, The Waltons have at least three connections with The Sound of Music: Nicholas Hammond, Kym Karath and Darleen Carr.

During Season 1 of The Waltons, Nicholas Hammond appeared in “The Townie”, an episode from the first season.  Sissy Spacek was the other big name in this episode. Nicholas played Friedrich, the eldest son, in The Sound of Music, and plays Theodore Claypool Jnr in this episode.  Nicholas now calls Australia home and has appeared in many television shows here, as well as having done some stage work. His partner is the very well respected actor and director here, Robyn Nevin. I have seen her work on stage many times and I have seen one play which Nicholas was in. He has also done some writing and directing work here…obviously a very talented man and I think he’s a terrific addition to our Australian entertainment industry. We are very lucky that he decided to come here.  You can read more about Nicholas Hammond here.

Kym Karath, Gretl in The Sound of Music, has a double connection with The Waltons! Before appearing in The Sound of Music, Kym played the role of Patty Cake in Spencers Mountain.  For those of you who don’t know, Spencer’s Mountain was based on the book written by Earl Hamner. Also appearing in this movie was another young actress named Veronica Cartwritght.  Veronica’s younger sister, Angela Cartwright, went on to play Brigitta in The Sound of Music.

Back to Kym though…during the second season of The Waltons, Kym appeared in the very small role of Mabel in the season two episode of “The Thanksgiving Story”.  Kym continued acting and had roles through to 1981, when she decided to concentrate on her studies. She studied, married, had one son and stayed at home raising him. You can read more about Kym here. In the picture below, I think Kym is the older girl standing against the door.

Finally, in the Season 3 episode “The Beguiled”, Darleen Carr plays the part of Sis Bradford. Interestingly Darleen also had a part in the movie The Beguiled, starring with Clint Eastwood! Darleen has a two fold connection to The Sound of Music too.  Her older sister is Charmian Carr, who played the part of eldest daughter Liesl, the “I am 16, going on 17” daughter. Darleen also lent her voice to some of the children’s vocals in The Sound of Music. The book, The Sound of Music: the Making of America’s Favorite Movie (Hirsch, 1993) says that there were “seven children and five adults used to fill in the children’s voices” (p.103). Darleen Farnon, or Carr as she later became, was one of the children.  I remember her being Karl Maldon’s daughter, Jeannie, in The Streets of San Francisco. Darleen has a huge body of work and you can view her biography here.  She is married to Jameson Parker, who starred in the television series Simon and Simon. (Not in the Hardy Boys as I had originally posted! That role was played, as Paula mentions, by Parker Stevenson.)



  1. I think that you were mistaken, Jameson Parker was known for his role in Simon & Simon. It was Parker Stevenson who played one of the brothers on The Hardy Boys with Shaun Cassidy. An easy mistake to make, especially since they are very similar in looks as well. 8)

    • Thanks for dropping by Paula. I’m confused as to your comment about Jameson Parker and Parker Stevenson, since neither were mentioned in my post. However I was a fan of both when they had shows on television, especially the very good looking Parker Stevenson. I really enjoyed The Hardy Boys with Shaun Cassidy.

  2. “Darleen has a huge body of work and you can view her biography here. She is married to Jameson Parker, perhaps known to people of my generation as one of the stars of the Hardy Boys series. Shaun Cassidy, of course, played the other brother.”

    Here is where you wrote of Jameson Parker.

    • Parker Stevenson was the on the Hardy boys with Shawn Cassidy. Jameson Parker played AJ Simon on the detective shoe Simon and Simon with Gerald Mcrainey.

  3. To follow up on Paula’s comment, you mentioned that Jameson Parker and Darleen Carr are married — and that Jameson starred in the Hardy Boys, opposite Shaun Cassidy.

  4. Thank you for posting this page. My sister and I love both of these shows and we just watched The Sound of Music together and was doing some searches about the kids and discovered that Kym Karath was on Waltons so we were trying to figure out who she played. I did not realize about the other connections….I do have one criticism though. I think that you should change your mistake about Jameson Parker. He played A.J. Simon on Simon and Simon, not The Hardy Boys. Thanks.

    • Louise and also to Paula, I have had another look at it and you’re both right. The confusion was mine and Jameson Parker was indeed in Simon and Simon. It was Parker Stevenson who played one of the Hardy brothers.

      Louise it’s a bit hard to pick the girl Kym Karath played in that episode of The Waltons but I think she is the one pictured at the front of the door, next to Mary Ellen.

      • Thank you for fixing that mistake…..I, also, was thinking that Kym Karath is the red headed girl at the front of the door.

  5. Glad to have you drop by again Louise. Yes, I think that one is Kym too. We need her to visit and confirm it as her but I think the age is probably about right.

  6. In the Walton’s photo that includes Kym, I truly believe that she is on our right, leaning against the door jam, the teenage blond. Not only is that her face according to adult photos, but her age then would have matched the photo. Thanks for sharing.

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