Posted by: KazK | January 9, 2011

The Spirit

Another Christmas episode on Waltons Mountain, this one appearing in Season 8.

Strange things begin to happen on the Mountain as Christmas approaches. Smoke from a fire can be seen by the folks of Waltons Mountain, Jim Bob’s favourite shirt disappears from the clothesline and a ravenous stranger is invited to eat breakfast at the Baldwin house, only to disappear when John Walton arrives to fix their heating. Each time the young man is approached by family and friends of the Waltons, he runs away.

Jeffrey then comes across the stranger, a young man, in the lead up to Christmas, and the two become very friendly. Paul enjoys being with Jeffrey because he reminds him of his own small brother. Jeffrey confides in Paul that he no longer believes in Santa Claus, so Paul suggests that perhaps Saint Nicholas might be the answer. Paul tells Jeffrey that he should go home and tell his Nana Rose, all about this special saint and that perhaps he could write to Saint Nicholas to say that he would really love a puppy for Christmas.

Jeffrey invites Paul to join the family for Christmas Eve celebrations and waits anxiously for him to come.  Finally he opens the front door just as Paul is leaving a present of a small Christmas tree for Jeffrey. Both John Walton and Jeffrey invite Paul in to join in their Christmas Eve festivities. Reluctantly Paul does so, but it emerges that Paul has escaped from a Prisoner of War camp and is, in fact, German. John is quite taken aback and states that John Boy was injured by the Germans when his plane was shot down, but as Jason reminds him, John Boy was also helped to be rescued by Germans.  And so another Christmas ends happily on Waltons Mountain.

This episode was not one that I know very well at all. Paul is obviously a suspicious looking character as he seems to disappear suddenly whenever someone comes near him. Both Jason and Jim Bob come across him and he runs away in fright each time. However he forms a lovely, close bond with Jeffrey and I love his story about Saint Nicholas.

I also loved how sad Rose was when she realised that Jeffrey had stopped believing in Santa Claus, but how gorgeous was Jeffrey that he didn’t want to let her know that because he knew she would be disappointed. There is a lovely scene of Jeffrey and Rose in bed where he finally tells her that he has grown up and no longer believes.

I like the way the storyline talks about the harm that German soldiers did to John Boy, and thus to the Walton family. Given that it would have been quite difficult not to have feelings of dislike and distrust for the German people. However Jason points out, quite rightly, that there is good and bad in all people, whatever their nationality, because it was through the kindness of some German strangers that John Boy was returned to their family. I really like the way the point was made.

I also like that we, as the audience, were told the origins and traditions of Saint Nicholas.


  1. I like all of the Christmas episodes, but I don’t see any mention of The Children’s Carol from season 6.

    • Tracy keep a watch on the blog this Christmas as it will be added then.

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