Posted by: KazK | November 13, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I was alerted to this piece in the Cowichan Valley Citizen, a newspaper from Canada.  The piece “John Boy Walton says Good Morning to Duncan” tells of a new TV movie starring Richard Thomas. Waltons Digest member, Stacey, was kind enough to send me the piece.  I’ll look forward to hearing more about this Hallmark movie, titled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, which is due to air in February 2011.



  1. I’m always interested in seeing any member of the Waltons as they are today. Do you know if the recent reunion will ever be shown on cable tv? The one I saw on the Inspiration Network was poor quality. The editing was bad. The words did not match the mouth movememts. I love the Walton’s, so I was a little disappointed in the film.

    • Hi Suzannah. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the reunion either so I really can’t comment on the quality. In Australia we don’t have access to the Inspiration Network. I have found with other things though, that copies don’t always match what the original was like so perhaps that’s the problem in this case. I haven’t heard of any other complaints about the quality of it. Since the reunion was done by Inspiration I doubt you’ll see it anywhere else. Thanks for dropping by. Karen

  2. I saw only the last 15 minutes of the Walton’s show on the Inspiration Network and my heart soared at seeing the family again! I wish Richard Thomas was with them and I hope the Inspiration Network will air it again.

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