Posted by: KazK | November 3, 2010

Reunion being re-aired

Great news for any Waltons fans who didn’t get to see the first run of Inspiration’s Waltons Family Reunion. Inspiration will be showing this special interview reunion on Thursday 25th November at both 1pm and 8pm EST. What a fabulous way to spend your Thanksgiving Holiday.



  1. I hope that they match up the sound with the actors mouth movements. I had a friend tape it for me and was disappointed in the quality of the editing. It should also be shown on the cable networks. Not everyone has or wants Dish or Direct TV. They are an inferior carrier.

  2. Suzannah I can’t comment on the quality of the show as I haven’t seen it. It’s not a network we have out here in Australia. I haven’t heard of this complaint.

  3. I’m betting their are millions of waltons fans who do not have access to Inspirational network. I’m one of them! I would love to see this show! anybody out their willing to share a copy with a fellow walton fan? I even contacted Inspirational network about any plans to release a copy of this,but was told theirs no plans to release it at this time help anybody?

    • I haven’t been able to see these specials either Lisa. Perhaps they will eventually be made available to us.

  4. maybe, some walton fan out their would be polite enough to make me a copy when It re-airs during thanksgiving!

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