Posted by: KazK | January 23, 2010

Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas pictured with me during the run of Race on Broadway.

During my recent trip to New York, I went to see Richard Thomas in the new David Mamet play Race.  Richard stars in it with James Spader, David Alan Grier and Kerry Washington.  Race has an excellent website to explore so please visit and have a look here.  Lots of photos and more information about the play.

I really enjoyed seeing Race.  It raises many questions about how we view race and what we class as racist.  It also addresses how things from the past, views we may have once held, can come back to haunt us.  All the performances were excellent, but it was really Richard that I went to see on stage, and as always, he portrayed his character beautifully.  His character is Charles Strickland, a white affluent man accused of rape.  There is much debate amongst the lawyers about whether or not they should indeed take such a provacative case.

I was lucky enough to meet Richard after the show, and he graciously signed autographs and stopped for me to have a photo taken with him.  I have long been an admirer of his body of work, right from his John Boy Walton days.  Richard has created many memorable roles on television and stage, and seems to be challenged to make each one different.  I remember coming across one movie once, and recognising his voice.  He had such a different look that he was barely recognisable, and the character he played was creepy.  One of his post Walton movies that I will love forever though, is his portrayal in Hobsons Choice where he plays Will Mossop.  He plays Will with just the right amount of naivety and shows a real progression in Will, as he flourishes under the supervision of Maggie.



  1. Dear Karen,

    what a wonderful photo of Richard Thomas and you. You are a very lucky person that you met him after the show. I wish I could see him on Broadway.
    Thank you very much for the photo.

    from Germany

  2. Richard has to be one of the nicest people in the entertainment industry. I saw RACE many times and he would stop to talk for a few moments on his way into the theatre and again after the performance. His role in the play was a difficult one because it was his job to remain ambiguous throughout in order to keep the audience unsure of Charles’s guilt or innocence…and he walked that thin line very convincingly.

    Both he and James Spader were wonderful to the fans. They signed autographs and posed for pictures for extended lengths of time after the show. I saw the show 23 times with Richard in it and 22 times with James and only once did they not come out to sign…Richard was in a meeting with his agent and James was being interviewed (although I hung around long enough to catch James) otherwise they always met the fans. I do hope that Richard does something on Broadway soon…I really want to go and see him perform on stage again!

  3. […] Richard Thomas ( […]

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