Posted by: KazK | September 5, 2009

Video from Schuyler, Virginia

Earlier this year Dagmar, a frequent poster on the Waltons Forum, visited Schuyler, Virginia.  She shared the video of her time in Schuyler with forum members, and we are fortunate that she has agreed to let me post her video here.  As Dagmar is German, the titles of her video are in German.  How lucky she was to have such a wonderful trip.

Dagmar, thank you so much for sharing, and I hope everyone enjoys her videos as much as I did.

Here’s Part One:

And Part Two:



  1. great video-i didnt know this place even existed-the waltons was a great family show–often wondered where a lot of the lesser known members of cast ended up(the walton children that is)? anyone know? thanks

    • Dermot, thanks for your comment. Schuyler is a wonderful place to visit. As for the children, I’ll do a longer post, but briefly as follows: Richard Thomas (John Boy) is still acting, coming soon to Broadway; Jon Walmsley (Jason) still involved in the music business; Judy Norton (Mary Ellen) does stage work;
      Eric Scott (Ben) works in business, IT I think; Mary McDonough (Erin) still does some acting work and is a life coach; David Harper (Jim Bob) is well out of show business, may do some art work but not sure; Kami Cotler (Elizabeth) is a teacher.

  2. I really enjoyed watching the video of the Walton’s Museum Thank You for sharing. One day i would like to come and visit Schuyler.

  3. […] Dagmar has been featured in this blog before, when she kindly allowed me to embed her film of her last trip to Schuyler into the blog. You can visit that post here. […]

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