Posted by: KazK | June 20, 2009

Waltons DVD – Region 4

During a search on Ebay Australia this morning, I came across several seasons of DVD sets of The Waltons, formatted for Region 4. I inquired with one of the sellers who tells me that he sells genuine Warner Bros sets of The Waltons encoded for both regions 1 and 4, and these are available for seasons 1 to 7.  At the moment seasons 8 and 9 are currently only available in region 1 coding. 

I have all sets which I have bought from the US and these all work fine on my DVD player.  I have had email from several Australians though who have had problems playing region 1 DVD sets, and so I thought I would include this information for any Australians out there who are interested.  Have a look on Ebay Australia for these sets.  I am happy to pass on the ID of the seller I spoke to.  Just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.



  1. Hi: Can you tell me where I can purchase the DvD’s of the Walton’s Series? “The Waltons” was my favorite TV show of all time! I am now 60 years old and still enjoy watching the show every time I get a chance. Thanks, Larry

    • I’d try Other than that, browse around some of your stores that sell DVDs.

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