Posted by: KazK | February 22, 2009

Time Life and The Waltons

For those Australians who can’t find The Waltons DVD sets out here, have a look at the Time Life Australia website. Just recently I have seen an advertisement on television for The Waltons DVD sets. They are available through Time Life. Seems like Seasons 1 and 2 are available. I’m assuming that these would be region 4 code but it might be worth checking before buying.



  1. Why oh why have they released season one onto DVD in Australia and then stopped there!! How frustrating ! I pary the remining eight seasons of the show will finally get a release in Australia

    • I can only agree with you Simon. I have only ever seen the Season 1 DVD out here on sale, in our format. Season 9 is coming out in the USA at the end of the month and we’re still waiting for Season 2. Seems very silly. I think even the UK has several seasons out there.

  2. If you go to you can order all the seasons.My husband and I ordered the first six seasons and have been watching since January we’re up to season five and I will be ordering the last three soon

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