Posted by: KazK | February 21, 2009

More Season 9 news

I just thought that you might enjoy the latest snippets on Season 9 straight from TV shows on DVD. Have a look at the back of the Season 9 box set at . I like it. The house in the moonlight is exactly how I would have pictured it. You might also like to read a bit more about the release here at . That might keep you going until the end of April!



  1. I have to say that I am very disappointed in the final episode. Not the whole season. Thought more of the children would get married and that stuff happening to John boy in New york on the final one was just not right. They could have ended this series alot better

    • Teresa, Season 9 is a funny mix of episodes really. I’m not all that fond of the way it ends either, but there were 3 telemovies made in 1982 which had both Erin and Mary Ellen getting married. I sort of think that those episodes were really the end of it all. Having said that though, there were also 3 telemovies made in the 1990s.

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