Posted by: KazK | January 7, 2009

Season 9 news

Finally Warner Bros have posted their release date for the Season 9 DVD set of The Waltons. This final season will be available on April 28. Great news for fans. You can read all about it over at .

There’s no word yet on whether the post series movies will be released on DVD.



  1. I sure hope they do bring out the post-series movies. They were excellent.

    • If the number of people who contact me about these movies is anything to go by, I’m sure they will sell very well. We might hear something about them later in the year Laura.

  2. How exciting… Season 8 was just released…

  3. Hello from Australia, we too are big Waltons fans downunder have just received our season 8 series set and yes it would be great to be able to obtain the movies as well. So if you have any influence with them let them know that there are people out here waiting to buy..l

    • It’s good to hear from yet another Australian who enjoys The Waltons. I’m in Melbourne. I had a look at JB Hifi yesterday and saw they only have Season 1! I haven’t even seen Season 2 out here yet. We are very behind the times and I agree with you. Please let us have the movie specials too!

  4. You’re right only Season 1 is available in retail shops here.
    So we have to buy via the Internet. A great sight where I have bought all my Waltons up to and including Season8 is
    Aust & NZ Customers can pay via direct credit to their bank account so no credit card involved and they have always given me great service. Cheers

  5. Can’t wait. We’ve already watched the entire season eight and are dying to see what happens to Jim Bob and the others.

    • All will be revealed soon Jack. Season 9 will be out at the end of April.

  6. Im from Scotland. I am a huge Walton fan. I have all the series up to season 7 but I can’t find season 8 anywhere. I do hope that they bring the movies out on dvd. I have been watching clips of them on you tube and they look fantastic.

    • Glad you found them on Youtube. I don’t know whether we’ll get the movies out or not. As for Season 8, you might try Amazon if you can play Region 1 DVDs.

  7. I am so glad there are people out there who enjoy the Waltons as much as I do!! I grew up watching them and own all 8 seasons, the Homecoming and waiting on 9 and hopefully the post series movies. My children are watching them now. The Waltons are timeless!!!!

  8. Have just received my Season 9 thats the lot.
    Does anyone know if there is any word on the Post series Movies 6 in all. I emailed Warner Bros who did the Series DVD’s but they do not hold the rights to the movies.
    Does anyone know who does?


    • Hi Karen. Glad you’ve managed to collect all seasons. There’s been no word on whether they are intending to release the six telemovies. I’m not too sure who holds the rights to them.

  9. At last the six reunion movies are to be released 26th January 2010 as one boxed set.
    by Warner Bros.

    Great news.

  10. Does anyone know where I can get hold of Seasons 8 and 9 on Region 2 DVD? Searched everywhere and want to complete my collection!

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