Posted by: KazK | November 22, 2008

A Walton Christmas – Together Again

Many people ask me about the Waltons Christmas CD. It’s a wonderful gift for fans and I’ve just checked out Amazon and they seem to have plenty in stock at the moment. Pop on over to Amazon to find it, currently selling at $8.99. If you search around at other stores which sell CDs you might find it too. 

If you head on over to Walmart, who also stock this CD, you’ll find some sampler tracks to listen to.  Very quick but at least they give you an idea of what you’ll get. 

There’s some very traditional songs like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Little Drummer Boy. Jon Walmsley (Jason) wrote some new songs, and Ralph Waite (Daddy) joins in with his reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas. I love reading that at Christmas so it’s very nice to hear someone like Ralph Waite reading it.

Many of the Waltons actors are terrific singers. They have added “Walton grandchildren” (the actor’s own children) as backup singers, making the CD a real Walton family affair.



  1. Will the Specials from 1982 and 1990 be will released on dvd as well? Thank you

  2. Hi Kim. I’m not too sure who holds the rights to those specials. I haven’t heard anything about the specials being released, but that’s not to say they won’t be.


  3. I just discovered your blog. I have seen your website before. I am a HUGE Waltons fan and have been watching since I was a child. I have 7 seasons and am looking forward to the release of Season 8 in January… My husband took me to Schuyler, VA for my birthday a couple years ago to see the museum, etc. I’m still checking out your info and site…

  4. I love the waltons. My parents watch it when they were kids. I am stuck watching the waltons. I own all the sesson except for 8 becuase it hasn’t come out yet. But it should soon. I am so excited!!!!

  5. Just wondering if the picture of the house at the top of your web blog is the actual house/set-up used for the series. It looks different then some other photos/drawings I’ve seen. I own an old VA farmhouse that my wife and I intend to renovate in the near future. We’d like to keep it faithful to its original farmhouse vernacular and modeling after the Waltons’s place would be a hoot!

  6. Kevin your eyes are very sharp indeed. The house pictured is standing on the Warner Bros lot and was used as Lorelai’s Inn on The Gilmore Girls. So yes, it does look a little different now to when it was the Waltons house.

  7. HI. I have the Walton’s Christmas CD and it is wonderful!! Just wanted to point out, though, that Richard Thomas (John Boy) reads Twas the Night Before Christmas. Raiph Waite takes part in the “Snowman Land” song. Both are great.
    I love your blog and website about the Waltons. They have always been one of my favorite shows. I”ve already pre-ordered Season 8 at Amazon. Hope Season 9 comes out soon, as well as the specials later. Thanks.

  8. I have the Christmas CD and Ihave enjoyed
    listening to it for the past 2 Christmas.My mom
    really enjoys hearing Christmas Time Is coming.
    I think all the cast members did a good job with
    the CD.

  9. I love the waltons but I am still searching for a christmas of waltons ” Best christmas ever” it included a car going off into a pond, Curt and Mary Ellen helped with Miss Fanny and her grand daughter with frozen toes etc and showed john boy and jason working on the paper can you help?

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