Posted by: KazK | November 8, 2008

Waltons Digest

For any of you who are interested in the Waltons Digest and have missed past issues, it is now up to date and can be found at Just click on the year you want to have a look at and start reading your way through ten years of The Waltons Digest.



  1. I am certainly looking forward to Season 8 and have already pre-ordered my copy of the DVD. Is there some way that we (Walton Fans) can petition to have The Walton’s Specials – all of them – available on DVD? Are we able to form a write-in campaign to get these terrific specials available? One question – Is there a Season #9 or is #8 the last Season? Mary

  2. Good to see you here Mary. There is a Season 9 and I suspect that some time around Christmas we will hear about that release. As for the specials, well we’ll probably have to wait and see on them.

  3. Thanks so much for feeding my “Waltons Addiction”! I’m not addicted to alcohol or drugs-just watching The Waltons. My daughter bought season 2 thru 5 for me Christmas before last. I found season 1 on Amazon and have picked up the remainder of the episodes at Walmart as they are released. I’ve already pre-ordered season 9 from Amazon. The Waltons saga started in 1933-the year of my birth. I can SO relate to many of the stories as my parents were very poor also. Of course I didn’t KNOW I was poor because everyone around me was in the same boat! I’ve watched the entire series twice now and am anxiously waiting for season 9. Is anyone ELSE that addicted? I’m patiently waiting for the next issue of The Waltons Digest. Thanks so much for your devotion to this wonderful show!

  4. I love the picture of the house at the top of the page. I know it is not the Walton house, but it is similar

    • Actually Tracy it is the Walton house. I took the photo when I was in LA in 2007. Earl Hamner arranged for us to visit the Walton home on the Warner Bros lot and this is the photo. It was used for the Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn and I suspect that’s why it looks different to what you’ve seen on the show.

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