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Many people are confused about who Amy is and I have had many queries about her over the years. In the episode The Typewriter, Grandpa takes John Boy up to the attic and opens a large chest. Inside are many things including this photo. He takes it out, looks at it and tells John Boy that this is Amy and that she died of scarlet fever. No further information is given. Many have thought that Amy was a child, but clearly this phot shows her to be a young woman. She may be Zeb and Esther’s third child, she may be Zeb’s sister, or she might be Esther’s sister…we’ll never know for sure.



  1. In one of the episodes in the second season Grandma develops an ear infection. In one scene she is angrily telling Mary Ellen why she won’t be taking a dinner tray in her bedroom. She says she will be eating at the table like always and that she has never had a sick day in all of her life. She then gestures towards her bed and says that she gave birth to 3 children in that bed and went right back to work clearing the land and helping Zeb build the house. I’ve always wondered what she was talking about when she says 3 children. The only children ever really talked about are John and his brother Ben who was killed somewhere in France during the first world war. Could this Amy possibly be the third child Esther was talking about?

  2. It could very well be..I don’t know.
    I do have a question… John Boy’s mom..I saw an episode today where her bro. came to visit. (Season 2) Did she ever have her parents on the show, or had they passed away? Not much was ever said about them.
    Thank you.

  3. Very little was mentioned about Olivia’s parents, but she did have an Aunt Kate.

  4. I can not find the Waltons’s on TV anymore. Please let me know where to see them now?Hallmark did have it . Thanks, E. Kay

    • Sadly Hallmark have taken it off.

  5. Hi!
    The Waltons may currently be viewed Monday – Friday, from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., on The Hallmark Channel; and, on GMC Network, weekdays, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Hope this is helpful! : )

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