Posted by: KazK | November 6, 2008

Cover Art – Season 8

Have a look at the cover art work, both back and front, for the Season 8 Waltons DVD set which will be released early in January.  You’ll find it at TVshowsonDVD

Personally I think that the front cover is good.  I’m not too sure why Olivia is so much more forward than the rest of her family in the back cover.  Perhaps it’s because during this season she heads off to Arizona for a while.  Nice to have Rose, Serena and Jeffrey there though.

I’d be interested to know what you think.



  1. Love the cover on new Walton’ Home… Looks so nice and clean…. Yeah, can’t wait to see that DVD.

  2. yes i would like too hear
    more from the waltons please
    i loved the waltons i have most
    of all there dvd i can not wait
    till season 8 of the waltons come out
    please send me an email thank
    you jean

  3. I’m glad you’ve both my new Waltons space. Welcome. I can’t wait for the DVD either Annie.

  4. I love the Walton Series and I have them all. I am truly looking forward to seeing the season 8 and 9.

  5. ive watched all the waltons series 1 through to 7 and will defo be buying season 8 in january.cant wait.

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