Posted by: KazK | October 11, 2008

Earl Hamner

I had the absolute privilege to meet Earl Hamner last year when I visited the USA. He is a wonderful man and I admire him so much as a writer and the creator of The Waltons. I was delighted to discover recently that this brilliant man has been honoured by having a Nelson County theater named after him. They felt that he had contributed greatly to the county by his work with The Waltons. You can have a look at the Hamner Theater program here. I love theater and will definitely see what’s on there next time we visit the area. Have a look at the directions when you visit the site. You’ll see all sorts of names that will be familiar to viewers of the show: Charlottesville, Rockfish and even Yancey Mills gets a mention. Perhaps that’s what inspired Yancy Tucker’s name. 

From this site I discovered this fantastic interview with Earl Hamner which was written a couple of years ago but makes great reading. While you’re busy reading about Earl, just surf on over to The Hook for another interview. This one was done in 2003. Unfortunately the pictures no longer load, but the article in great. Here’s the link for Earl in the Hot Seat.



  1. Hi Karen, I really enjoyed this interview with Earl, thank you for that. He is such a lovely man, and I never knew he did the writing for “Falcon Crest”, which I loved, or that he wrote some episodes of the” Twilight Zone”, which used to really scare me as I was quite young then. Thanks again. Warm regards, Eve.

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