Posted by: KazK | September 26, 2008

More on Season 8

For those of you wondering what Season 8 of The Waltons holds in store for you, there is an episode listing at  They also have a sneak peak at the cover art. They say that there will be a bonus featurette with this set and it’s great news for fans that this will be A Decade of The Waltons. This season covers John Boy missing in action and Ben and Cindy welcoming their new baby into the family. Two younger children appear in this season with Serena and Jeffrey joining their grandmother, Rose to live in the Walton home.  One of my favourite episodes this season is the opening 2 part episode “The Home Front”. Aimee returns home to live and she and Jim Bob become interested in each other. Young Ashley Longworth also returns in this season to propose to Erin. Jason’s love interest, Toni, is also introduced in this season. The final episode in this season is “The Valediction” and it is superb too. It ends with the scene of all the uniformed Walton boys walking away from their home to go to war, with the women standing in front of the house waving goodbye, probably wondering if they will ever return home again.



  1. im glad i discovered this site as it is very informative.keep up the good veiwing season seven just now and its great news to hear that season eight is coming out soon.regards rob

  2. I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing season 8 Rob. Thank goodness they’ve finally given us a date for its release.


  3. We absolutely love the Waltons. We introduced our grandson to them a few years ago and we watch one episode nearly every night. We have watched seasons 1 through 6, three times now and am now in the process of watching season 7. We are excited about season 8. Why isn’t there a picture of Grandma on it though? thanks, Mona

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. Mona, Grandma didn’t really feature in Season 8 so I suspect that’s why. Karen

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